About Crate

Crate is a distributed data store. Simply install Crate directly on your application servers and make the monolithic centralized database a thing of the past. Crate takes care of synchronization, sharding, scaling, and replication even for mammoth data sets. If a node becomes unavailable, Crate self-heals and rebalances the cluster automatically. is revolutionizing the way you build scalable backends. Instead of nailing together different services to build your backend data store and wondering how to scale when your data grows from millions to billions, Crate's distributed database offers the simplicity and scalability you need from the outset.

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Why we are partnering with dotScale

The main topics covered at dotScale are Scalability, DevOps and Distributed Systems. These are three of the problems with current database solutions that Crate is trying to solve, therefore we feel it is a perfect event for us to support.