About Chef

We are Chef

We are IT automation for speed and awesomeness. We give you a model for automating IT infrastructure and applications that drive self-reliance across your development and operations teams. We are the Chef Community. We are tens of thousands strong. We are helping your businesses become faster, safer and more flexible, so you win in today's 24x7 digital economy. Join our movement today.

Infrastructure as Code

Chef turns infrastructure into code. With Chef, you can automate how you build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure. Your infrastructure becomes as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code. Chef server stores your recipes as well as other configuration data. The Chef client is installed on each server, virtual machine, container, or networking device you manage—we’ll call these nodes. The client periodically polls Chef server latest policy and state of your network. If anything on the node is out of date, the client brings it up to date.

Chef Development Kit

The Chef Development Kit (chefdk) contains everything you need to develop and test your infrastructure, built by the awesome Chef community.

Chef Delivery

Get the proven, collaborative process used by web innovators and enterprises that successfully adopt DevOps to continuously deliver infrastructure and applications.

Partnering with dotScale

Community is what built and what continues to build Chef. To support that awesome effort, Chef is partnering with dotScale to offer up the community a workshop on the Saturday before the conference, covering Continuous Deployment with Chef and emphasizing the use of chefdk in the tool chain. Further training on Chef Fundamentals in Paris for two days after the conference (paid for training ). Of course we will be there on the day of the conference supporting dotScale and the awesome speakers. We hope to see you at the workshop, and who knows, hack day on Sunday anyone?