About Basho

Basho Technologies is the creator and developer of Riak, a distributed database (sometimes categorized as a NOSQL database) that provides extreme high-availability, fault-tolerance, and operational simplicity, and Riak CS, a cloud-based object storage system that sits on top of Riak.

Riak offers enterprises a highly available, scalable and operationally elegant distributed NoSQL database solution for today’s most demanding active workload applications. When seconds of latency can cost thousands of dollars, the call for highly available, scalable databases that are easy to operationalize is resoundingly clear.

Riak has rapidly gained adoption throughout the Fortune 100 and has become foundational to many of the world’s fastest-growing Web-based, mobile and social networking applications, as well as cloud service providers offering public, private and hybrid solutions.

For more information visit or to arrange a tech talk, contact Michael Carney at [email protected]